A Day At The High School MTB Races

News flash, life as a student-athlete is hard. Wake up at 5am, go to the gym, try to stay awake through school and then you practice your specific sport after school, only to come home and do homework for 3 to 4 hours. Rinse and repeat. A life of constant grit and early mornings sounds like an uneasy way to live life, but to them? They wouldn’t have it any other way. Truth be told, they may complain about the mornings and the break-neck workouts, but they actually crave it deep inside. They crave a challenge. They crave pushing limits. They crave success…

Day like this past Sunday are what it’s all about. It’s why they wake up early and whip their mind into shape every day. 1100 kids came to race and see who was the best cyclist around. I’ve been working with a few of the kids, 16 on the day, to help get them ready to race. It ended up being pretty fantastic for them. We snagged a few wins in different divisions and we set the standard of what it means to be a great athlete and a great sportsman at these races. Smiles were had, crashes were seen, and celebration was on the agenda for our athletes.

Now they go back to the grind: gym, school, ride, homework and sleep. Only to go head to head against SoCal’s fastest in 2 weeks! It’s a challenge that most people wouldn’t be able to do, but they aren’t most people. They’re rise to the top in any situation to claim their foothold in the kingdom.