Ambassador Spotlight – Crit Whitmire

As a avid cyclist that was introduced to cycling in his late 20’s, I quickly fell in love with the hobby of riding a bicycle. After signing up for a few Charity/Fondo style rides, I was informed about ‘Bicycle Races’. These races took the form of Criteriums, Road Races, as well as Triathlons and Duathlons. There after I had the opportunity to register and participate in Hagerstown Duathlon and the training began.

What makes me unique, is that when I set my mind to do something it typically will happen. I set out to loose some weight as well as worked on transitions between running and jumping on the bike. The day finally arrived and all the training was behind me and the event was before me. Showed up and competed and completed the race finishing 9th overall as well as 1st within my age group and from there I was hooked on competitive cycling. Starting looking for more events, but there weren’t anymore before transitioning to Gulfport Mississippi from Waldorf, Maryland.

Once I got to Mississippi, I immediately tried to find a group ride and fellow cyclist to hook up with to stay active within my new love aka cycling. Whelp, Mississippi didn’t offer me the opportunities I was looking for and shortly thereafter hurting my back, caused me to be off the bike for five years as well as gaining all the weight back that I had previously lost. As an Active Duty Military person, after a few years I got back on the horse of fitness with my mind consistently on cycling and getting back on the bike. After my final deployment to Africa and taking my fitness serious, I was riding weekly for 30 minutes in preparation for my return home.

Upon arriving home, I quickly transferred to Chula Vista, California and that’s where the Cycling Journey for me exploded, thus the name ‘Crit Whit’ came into fruition and the YouTube and Instagram journey began. Now as a Brand Ambassador for Union Sport, sharing their three hallmark saddles with me, I tried the SAALE and enjoyed it, but was not the perfect match for me as a larger rider. Then on to the MOSELLE, and the stubby nose variation, I loved, but again the match was close but not 100 percent their. Union Sport worked flawlessly with me ensuring my comfort was paramount and then I had the opportunity to ride the HARZ and quickly fell in extreme love. Now I look too one day have my very own custom ‘Crit Whit’ HARZ variation.

Looking onward to GRAND things for my VISION and RELATIONSHIP with Union Sport.