How to Influence your Family or Friends into Riding

Riding a bike provides wonderful set of feelings and a lifestyle to live by. This lifestyle is one that is focused on performance wherein you get the appropriate amount of rest, healthy eating, and get stronger every day. In addition, you receive the feelings of freedom and adventure as you are coasting with the wind on your face, smelling your surroundings, and seeing the view in front of you.

However, what is the point of life if you can’t share it? In this post, we are going to be describing 3 ways on how you can influence your family and friends into riding a bike.

  • Live by Example

Day to day intensity and week to week consistencies are magnets that bring people to a call of action. Everyone wants to be the better version of themselves than they were yesterday. Through you, they will see that riding a bike is healthy. This will subconsciously influence how they think, behave, and act within their own lives. For instance, if you practice going to bed early so you could wake up early for some Saturday morning training, sooner or later, your family will admire your discipline and will want to also be better. By doing this, you practically “walk the talk”.

  • Have a Different Approach

It’s easy to tell someone what to do, especially your own family or friends. However, it is hypocritical if your words don’t inspire action or have meaning. Are you true to your word and actually do what you say do? How can you tell them that training on a bike is a healthy lifestyle if you’re not a living proof of it? Speak from experience instead of giving your opinions and making comments. Take your opinions and ask them questions. For example, instead of saying “you should buy a bike so you can train and become healthy”, you should really say “do you think buying a bike would help improve your overall health?”. Practice this kind of dialogue to better influence others.

  • Start Them Off Easy

Let’s face it. You are beyond their level of fitness. Most especially if you’re competitive, you probably train instead of exercise. Now training is much different than exercise. Don’t let your ego get in the way and destroy them on their first ride just so you can prove them that you are better. They are already aware that you are fit and that is why they are inspired to ride in the first place. There is no need to rub your fitness in their faces. Instead, encourage them by keeping it fun and easy. Creating a fun experience for them will give them a shot of dopamine and will want to come back again. On the other hand, making it too difficult will not allow them to experience that dopamine hit. As a result, they will then be turned off by the idea because it’s just too difficult. Remember to keep it fun and light since they are just starting out.

Successfully influencing your family or friends in riding bikes can have its benefits for you too. They will have a better understanding of what you are experiencing and your need to go out and train for so long. In addition, you’ll now have a common hobby to bond over, and perhaps even a training partner during your recovery rides. Lastly, you will impact their life by improving their health.