How cycling benefits your practical life


This is what any mtn biker or Cyclist going downhill navigating at speed would say. However, let’s be real. Other than the adrenaline rush and the healthy lifestyle of training. Riding a bike benefits your practical life and will give you 4 reasons why.

  • Looking for a place to settle.

Riding your bike you have the ability to go on long rides around your neighborhood. You will have excuses to ride in a different direction than you would have if you were in your car. You will develop the ability to know which neighborhoods are obviously a low, middle or high-end income. Cyclist know this because they’ll naturally flock towards less busy streets, and wider road bike lanes.

  • Shortcuts

Mtn Bikers and Cyclist will always be able to find the alternate route. All to often we’ve over extended ourselves out training or riding and have completely bonked. Avoiding the emergency call to the wife or Mom and Dad to come pick you up. You quickly think to yourself the fastest and most efficient way to make it back home.

  • Sense of Direction

Being out on the roads or trail you can intuitively figure out how to make your way back home or to your car. With no cell service out in the mountains you’ll have no choice, but to figure it out. Nowadays with Google Maps and Waze we all to often rely on our phones for a sense of direction. However if your friend or significant other rides bike. Best believe that they’ll have a sense direction to always get you back home. Did I mention they’re decent drivers too?


  • 6th Sense

This brings us to my last point of having a 6th sense. Dodging traffic, descending canyons and riding technical single track gives bike riders the ability to understand speed and the distance of an object. Will be able to see from afar whether a car is going to fast and has to break hard.

Other than the pure fun, joy, adrenaline rush and competition that bike riding gives us. Hopefully this gives you enough of a reason on why you need to get out and ride. Riding benefits your practical in so many ways and these are just four of them.