How do you explain your lifestyle to your significant other?

If you picked up riding while you are already in a relationship, it is often challenging for your significant other to understand why you love what you do. However, you must show them that this is the opportunity to grow with you and see the development of your athletic journey. There are ways to let your significant other understand your new-found hobby/passion.


Here are a few items on our list that will help your significant other understand and become supportive of what you do.


Schedule your rides accordingly. 

Does your significant other like to sleep-in, go grocery shopping, or watch some Netflix? By adjusting your training schedule while they are busy with their own activities, it allows them to see that you’re working around their schedule and you are putting your relationship first. By doing so, you will be able to minimize the feeling of neglect or “not wanting to spend quality time with them”.


Invite them to the fun events and have them engage. 

Find a local Criterium or a Fondo such as the Mammoth Gran Fondo, and have a mini weekend getaway! Come in a bit early or have an extended stay so you can enjoy what the area has to offer. Set up some activities for the next 5 hours so you can head out and perform at your event while they tour the area. Better yet, get them involved and put them in the feed zone in the middle of your ride for some extra morale boost. Nothing will give you more energy than seeing some of your close supporters on the sidelines.


Assuring them that you take safe precautions 

Don’t make them worry. Don’t avoid negative conversations about how you almost felt like you were having a heat stroke, in a car traffic, or seeing a crash in a race. Rather, show them that you are very responsible and accountable for your safety. Let them know that you appreciate their love and concern for you. The best key is to assure them. Calculate the risk and reward scenarios whether it be a race scenario or training.


Let them get a glimpse of what you do

Take them out on a bike ride on the beach bike path and have them get a glimpse of where the bike can take them. Have them enjoy the nice breeze in the best conditions where they can enjoy and see firsthand why you love what you do.


Find an opportunity to show off the skills  

With so much riding, you develop a strong cardiovascular system. Now, it’s time to show them that bike riding makes you so strong and fit. Prove to them what your strength can do for them. Take a rest day from training and flex your fitness by going crazy with labor work such as cleaning the cars, house, lawn, and everything else in between. Amaze them with the amount of energy riding provides you.