How To Get Faster On The Bike

Are you tired of having your friends wait for you at the top of the climbs?

Are you tired of having to go as hard as you can to keep up with your buddies while riding?

Are you trying to prepare for the upcoming race season while everyone’s on vacation?

Are you trying to get faster to improve your health, fitness, and lifestyle?

Then you have come to the right place because we are going to break down how you can get faster in 4 ways.


The Tools:

Tools could range from Cycling Computer Devices, basic mechanic tools, indoor trainer, Zwift, and apps. Look to have the right Apps as well to help you keep track of your riding. Strava is a great place to start and is the most common app used by all bike riders. It’s a great place to communicate, show off your rides, and look at how fast riders are out there. Strava also has heat maps where you can find where people commonly train and ride so you can avoid the busy streets.


A Training Plan: 

A structured training plan can do wonders for you. There are proven training models that apply to an individual’s lifestyle so they can become faster on the bike. Whether it be a polarized training model or high-intensity low volume training model. Whatever the training intensity distribution may be, following a structured training plan is bound to make you faster on the bike.


The Mindset:

Create some compelling and inspiring goals such as the S.W.O.T – Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats to hone in on your goals. Sticking to your goals with the right mindset will allow you to face adversity and push through the tough times. To get faster on the bike, you are going to need to create enough training stimulus to have your body adapt. Training stress breaks down the body and performing high-intensity interval training will increase your mitochondria count.


The Equipment: 

No, I’m not talking about a brand new 13k S Works SL7. When we say “have the right equipment to go faster on the bike”, what matters is your comfort on the bike such as your saddle. Being comfortable on the bike will allow you to train harder and train longer. The right type of clothing for all conditions whether it be hot or cold will allow you to be consistent with your training plan.