Sagan Fondo

The Sagan Fondo would prove to be an extremely fun day that was full of adventure! I knew a bunch of friends were going, but I had been stacked with work, school, our small business, and the Sales Leadership Center so my mind was not focused on the events for this weekend. I spent the morning chugging caffeine and socializing before the gun went off.

I spent most of the day riding with Peter Sagan, the 3x world champion that the fondo was centered around. We got to draft the VeloFix van after we got left behind at the first hydration station which was crazy fun. The last time I caravanned was back when I was a Junior racing Tour de L’Abitibi in Canada, so it brought back a lot of old memories and some fun new ones. I had a blast riding even after I got dropped a solid 80 miles in. I had even more fun when I made my way back to the group and got dropped again 90 miles in! I started off the day tired from the century from the day before. As such, I was wondering when the moment would be when my legs would leave me. So I actually started laughing the moment my legs starting saying “Code Red: the gas tank is empty and we are experiencing system failure.” After that, I had an amazing lunch, an acai bowl, and never had a better night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, there were some big crashes during the day and I just want to send my thoughts and prayers to those who were injured. I think a lot of people were punching above their weight-class and making the overall environment unsafe by riding up front with the pros when they didn’t possess the proper skill set. It’s important to remember that cyclists are not only responsible for their own well-being, but everyone else’s when it comes to riding in a pack. It’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry when doing gran fondos and other adventure rides.