The Three Phases

The average adult has already forgotten what it feels like to be on two wheels. To them, all they see is a person riding on the street or trail, going up and down, panting, sweating with a look on their face with disgust. This infamous face, however, is the look of determination, perseverance, and intensity in conquering the climb and effort. What does it take for an individual to reach this point?


There are three phases individuals will have to go through before they begin the journey of creating the “face of disgust”. For fun, let’s call these the dating, honeymoon, and marriage phases.


Dating – The stage where individuals will start riding for fun. They may have been open to the idea because they were influenced by someone within their circle. With proper guidance, they quickly experience the euphoria of what the bike has to offer. Very quickly, an individual will find this experience fun and very exciting. They will experience new adventures where traveling by foot would take 3x longer.


Honeymoon – This is the phase where individuals will begin adapting to nuisances of riding. They’ll begin to get a taste of what it means to push themselves. They will start to look toward small challenges to tickle their minds of what is possible. During this phase, individuals will have enjoyed the long journey of how far they have come with their abilities, but will eventually arrive at a crossroads. This is where some people will want to take it a little bit more seriously while others will have different goals and motives.


Marriage – This is where the serious riders lie. At this point, riding is a big part of their life and some may even classify it as their personal identity. This is where individuals will be chasing after performance.


Each phase varies among individuals and some stay longer in a phase than others. It seems though that no matter where you are at with riding, each phase will create a memorable experience that will have positive affects in your life.