The Perfect Indoor Set Up At Home

Looking to train indoors and self-quarantine yourself? Already bought a bike, but don’t want to ride outside? Indoor Training has never been better during this day and age with platforms like Zwift and modern equipment to improve your very own indoor gym training. Here are a list of equipment that will improve your training experience.

  • A Direct Drive Trainer.
    • With a direct drive trainer you can really enjoy the feeling of versatile terrain. Whether you use Zwift or Trainer Road you will be able to experience the virtual climbing or resistance the direct drive train has to offer with erg mode.
  • Your Indoor Trainer Bike.
    • Whether or not you want to use your original bike. Why not have a specific bike for your indoor training? Now you don’t have to take your wheel on and off the bike and just leave it on the trainer. However, a bike that fit’s you properly is the most important aspect when approaching your indoor training. We recommend that comfort is going to allow you to perform your best. So make your check out our Union Sport Saddles or consider a bike fit to optimize your performance.
  • A global industrial 24inch fan.
    • What you want is the cool air continuing to circulate around your body. When your riding outside what happens is the wind is keeping you cool. While riding hard indoors your body temperature can really jump up because there is less air flowing against your skin. With a large industrial 24inch fan you will have every inch of your body covered to make sure your body is staying cool.
  • Soft Cushion Trainer Floor Mat
    • You want a mat where you can accumulate every drip of sweat from your hard sessions.
  • Flat Screen TV with Apple TV or Roku
    • The bigger the screen the more it will feel like as if you were riding outside. Rather than squinting your eyes on a laptop or ipad screen you’ll be able to stay relaxed to look at the large pixels in front of you. Focusing on the watts your Coach had prescribed you.
  • Training Peaks Workout, Trainer Road or Zwift Software
    • Riding on a trainer without any software is old school. Back in the day the Russians would have their athletes stare at a wall and train for 2-4hours. All in the efforts of building mental toughness. That’s pretty badass however, nowadays with training software you can entertain yourself while having effective training.
  • Sweat Resistant HeadPhones
    • You want the ability to focus and tune out the world. Your training is the most important thing in the world and you don’t want anyone or thing to bother you. Enhance your ability to focus by focusing on the sound of your breath and 150bpm pump up music.

If you don’t mind spending some cash on a nice training environment and tools. Having all of these things can certainly put a pep in your step when it comes to getting on the bike and getting in a great workout.

If you think we missed anything let us know!