Whats the difference? Influencer, Brand Ambassador, or Sponsored Athlete

Back in the day, professional athletes who were broadcasted on TV were the only ones who had access to endorsement deals. It was only just a few years ago where influencers started to rise and become a necessity to the industry. What’s the difference between an influencer, brand ambassador, and a sponsored athlete? All three are quite similar but let’s quickly break it down.


Influencer: an influencer will have access to a community and is notorious for being heavily involved within their community. They know everyone who is anyone. They are highly reliable and reputable individuals. An influencer doesn’t have to be a professional athlete. They can be a people-person who loves to do what they do. A real influencer will have value behind their actions and purchase decisions which would in return affect how the community sees a particular product.


Brand Ambassador: a brand ambassador works much closer with a brand and the company. An influencer will be in much more control and have leverage over what they say on a product compared to an ambassador. The brand ambassador is a true representative of the company’s product. They will more than likely have an agreement of terms of payment, product deals in exchange for content, or participation at events.


Sponsored Athlete: this is where the top athletes and influencers will receive product or monetary endorsements. Due to the athlete’s high reputation and athletic level, sponsorship can be seen as a product or company claiming a spot at the highest tier of its performance market. If a professional or popular individual is using the product, wouldn’t that be good enough for the average joe, right?


At Union Sport, we’ve worked with all three pillars of this system. We test the performance of our product at the highest level of sport as well as the performance with the general masses. We live true to our brand values of implementing innovation, fit, and design by listening to what people have said about our product.